political prisoners announce hunger strike

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A group of so-called “political prisoners & rdquor; of Nicaragua announced this Thursday that they have begun a hunger strike so that the government of the president Daniel Ortega grant them freedom and an end to threats to their family members.

The prisoners, detained in the framework of the socio-political crisis that has affected Nicaragua since April 2018, reported their decision in a letter written this Wednesday inside the prison known as “La Modelo & rdquor ;, the largest in the country, which was delivered today to their relatives, who later made it public.

“In the form of a peaceful protest, we will be starting a hunger strike today, demanding our freedom and an end to the siege and threats to our relatives,” the letter indicates.

The board member of the April Victims Organization (OVA) Grethel Gómez confirmed the decision of the prisoners, and explained that They have not given further details for fear of reprisals from the jailers.

Jailed opponents have carried out at least four hunger strikes in the last 11 months to demand their release or better conditions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, all of them failed, allegedly due to the violent actions of which they are victims in prison.

On this occasion, the so-called “political prisoners & rdquor; They intend to hide from the authorities which ones are on strike “so as not to expose themselves & rdquor ;, Gómez told Efe.

Message to the opposition

The plaintiffs claimed that, if they don’t see “results, we will take stronger action in the form of protest & rdquor;, without anticipating the options.

Gómez affirmed that the dissidents’ strike also wants to draw the attention of established opposition groups so that “they do not forget about them”, since currently their topics of discussion appear to be centered on their organizational structures.

In their letter, the prisoners ask Pope Francis to “intercede with God for our freedom”.

“We miss our freedom and our families & rdquor;they concluded.

According to the multidisciplinary group Blue and White Monitoring, which records the incidents of the socio-political crisis in Nicaragua, there are currently 104 “political prisoners” in the country, of which 94 were captured in the framework of the anti-government protests that began in 2018.

The crisis that Nicaragua is experiencing began in April 2018 with a protest for changes in social security that became a demand for Ortega’s resignation due to the attacks against the demonstrations, which left hundreds of dead, imprisoned or missing, thousands of injured and tens of thousands in exile.



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