It was the seventh consecutive day of demonstrations against the decision banning abortion even on the grounds of serious malformations, the BBC notes. Street tensions shifted in parliament on Tuesday after left-wing MP Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus launched a motion calling on the legislature to debate a bill to make abortion law more permissive.

A group of women from the opposition surrounded the benches where the conservatives were sitting and displayed banners that read “Legal abortion!”, While shouting “This is war!”.

The leader of the ruling party, Law and Justice, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, considered to be the real leader who plays the games, said that the decision of the Constitutional Court is irreversible.

He accused the protesters of trying to demolish Poland and called on Poles to defend “the nation and the church.”

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the ruling ultra-Catholic and nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party in power in Poland, denounced on Tuesday “attempts to destroy” the country and urged his supporters to “defend the churches” against pro-abortion protesters. informs AFP.

Kaczynski, the deputy prime minister responsible for security but considered the main decision-maker on all major issues, vehemently criticized the “nihilism” and “vulgarity” of the attacks, which he said were “aimed at destroying Poland,” a country attached to values. Catholicism.

“I urge all PiS members and all those who support us to defend the Polish churches at all costs,” Kaczynski said in a televised speech.

A recent poll published by Gazeta Wyborcza indicates that 59% of those surveyed believe the new abortion regulations have gone too far. Among the EU states, Poland has the strictest law in this area.

According to Bloomberg, the group that vaguely coordinates local protests has vowed to continue until the government resigns. The group calls for the legalization of abortion and sex education, a secular state, judicial independence and increased funding for the health system and businesses affected by the pandemic.

Poland’s decision on abortion is a ban – but it will not end access to abortion, comments the British magazine The Conversation. Obtaining a legal abortion in Poland takes weeks or months anyway, due to administrative barriers and the opposition of some doctors.

In some parts of eastern Poland, abortion is effectively impossible because all medical institutions have declared their conscientious objections. In other regions, lawyers report that anti-abortion doctors deliberately delay patients, mislead them about their legal right to abortion, or tell them that such procedures are not available in their region.

In Poland, it is a crime for anyone – doctor, husband, friend, parent – to help another person end a pregnancy, including helping them travel abroad for an abortion. The new regulations will increase the proportion of abortions that take place in secret and unsafe conditions, writes the British publication.

A referendum on abortion, in the current circumstances, would not allow a real and in-depth discussion, says Polish civil lawyer Adam Bodnar, in an interview for Euractiv Poland.

“We now see two simultaneous social phenomena: on the one hand, secret abortions take place on Polish territory; on the other hand, there is “abortion tourism”, mainly in Germany or Slovakia.

The initiation of a referendum on abortion in the current conditions, in which the ruling party has unlimited possibilities of propaganda and control in the public media, would not leave room for a real and in-depth discussion “.