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Alicia Kitts was attending a football game at a high school in the city of Logan (Ohio, United States), when was shot down with a ‘taser’ gun by a policeman for refusing to wear a mask, mandatory according to the authorities, due to the coronavirus pandemic that is hitting the country and the entire world.

The events took place on September 23 at 5:30 p.m. at Logan High School Stadium, when the woman was attending a Football Championship seventh and eighth grade.

In a video recorded by a fan who attended the competition, it is observed how the woman is reduced with a stun gun after refusing put on the mask and leave the place. “I’m not doing anything wrong. You can’t arrest me for doing nothing wrong,” the woman is heard saying repeatedly in the recording.

The Logan Police Department has explained through Facebook that, after asking the woman to put on the mask and in response to her refusal, agent Chris Smith asked her to leave the place. Failing to do so, the man placed the taser gun on the detainee’s shoulder caused a shock, with which he managed to reduce it.

The Police have highlighted that the woman was not arrested for not wearing a mask, but for “trespassing”, by refusing to leave the sports facilities by not respecting the regulations of the authorities and resisting the agent. All of this led Smith to use force.

The lawyer for the detainee, Maurice Thompson, has assured that the woman suffers injuries, including, apparently, a broken arm, according to the chain CNN. “The Logan School District misapplied the law. It applied it incorrectly and violently. Mrs. Kitts explained to the officer and administrators that Have asthma, but they ignored it “, has aimed.

Indeed, the regulation includes as an exception to the use of a mask suffering from diseases that “restrict breathing”, like asthma.



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