A submarine assassin who tried to escape prison in Denmark Peter Madsen has been charged in court with attempted escape, hostage-taking, and illegal threats, among others. According to Madsen’s lawyer, the accused admits all charges, he says Jyllands-Posten.

Madsen took a female psychologist hostage on Tuesday and escaped from Herstedvester Prison, threatening her with a gun. However, police surrounded the man only minutes after the escape.

According to police, Madsen received help in the escape attempt from one or more of his fellow prisoners. However, their identities are not yet known to the authorities. Madsen is also said to have threatened to escape with a bomb at least one male prison guard.

As early as Tuesday, it was reported that after arriving from the prison area, Madsen had jumped into a white van. Extra Bladet says Madsen had threatened the drivers, saying:

– Time, time, time! If you don’t drive, I’ll shoot you.

Police intercepted Madsen from a van. The prisoner was not arrested until about two hours after that, as he was hacked into a bomb-like outfit.

The court will hear Madsen over the case today, Wednesday. The hearing will take place in camera, although both the press and the accused’s own defense opposed the prosecutor’s order.

Madsen was serving a prison sentence of life with a Swedish journalist Kim Wallin murder in 2017.