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The judicial investigation on the management of the health crisis by the French political and health authorities this Thursday morning was translated into concrete actions. The homes of the Minister of Health, Oliver Véran, of his predecessor, Agnès Buzyn, of the Director General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, and of the former Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, were searched by the police officers of the Central Office for the Fight against Environmental Damage and Public Health (OCLAESP).

Last july, the Court of the Republic (CJR) [el único órgano competente en Francia para juzgar los actos cometidos por los miembros del Gobierno en el ejercicio de sus funciones] opened an investigation into a possible case of “Refraining from fighting harm & rdquor; [delito penado con hasta dos años de cárcel]. The court received more than 90 complaints against various members of the Executive for their alleged mismanagement of the health crisis. Only nine were retained by the republican court, charged with creating an investigative commission focused on the responsibility of the former prime minister and the two ministers of Health, Véran and Buzyn, who are mainly responsible for managing the epidemic.

“Endangering the lives of others & rdquor ;,” involuntary homicide & rdquor; or “lack of assistance to a person in danger & rdquor ;, were some of the arguments inscribed in the complaints filed in mid-March, when the epidemic was hitting the French health system hard and the government strategy, close to improvisation, was almost non-existent.

Inconsistency and inaction

The appearances of the prosecution began last September. Representatives of the group of health personnel C19 reported to the court “The inconsistency of the measures & rdquor; decreed by the highest levels of the State and “the lack of application of the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) & rdquor; in full pandemic.

At that time, the lawyer for the three doctors of the group, Fabrice di Vizio, applauded a judicial investigation that “for the first time in history […] is going to examine the question of the criminal responsibility of ministers not after the crisis, but while the crisis is ongoing & rdquor ;. “We hope that these testimonies can help the Court of the Republic to understand the truth: we now know that Agnès Buzyn and Édouard Philippe were informed in time about the health situation in China and its possible impact on France. Today it is important to know why they did not take measures to prevent what would become a health, economic and social disaster“, explained the lawyer to the weekly newspaper ‘The Sunday Newspaper’ (LJDD).

The management of the second wave, another controversy

The objective of the investigations carried out early this Thursday in the homes and offices of the members and former members of the Macron Government, is none other than to collect evidence about his controversial management of the health crisis, indispensable indications for assess your strategy and your responsibility in degrading the health situation.

The management of the second wave of covid-19 is not without controversy either. On September 17, the Collective Victims of Coronavirus France filed a new complaint with the Court of Justice of the Republic, this time against the current prime minister, Jean Castex, claiming that the Government “sails blindly & rdquor; against the epidemic.

Undoubtedly, discontent, resignation and controversy will mark the day this Thursday. The vast police operation comes at a particularly sensitive time, when more than 20 million French people affected by the curfew [desde las 21 horasa 6 de la mañana, a partir del sábado] announced last night by the French president, they are still assimilating the new restriction that will put an end to any festive or family gathering in the private sphere in Paris and in eight other metropolises, for at least four weeks. Restriction that many consider already useless and incoherent: the French will take the metro, crowded with people, to go to work, to attend class, or to the university -where the main sources of contagion are found-, but they will not be able to set foot in the street after 9:00 a.m. the night.



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