Recycling is worthwhile, but not in all cases.

This is evidenced by a recent seizure in Vietnam, where police have uncovered a huge trade in used condoms. According to local state media, police seized nearly 350,000 used condoms from a South Vietnamese warehouse, which were sold new.

The contraceptives in the trade weighed more than 360 kilos. It is not known how many cardboards have been sold to consumers.

According to the owner of the warehouse, an unknown party had supplied him with used rubbers on a monthly basis. The condoms were then boiled, shaped for sale with the help of wooden phallus, and packaged in new packaging.

A 34-year-old woman who owned a “condom factory” has been arrested for the incident. Police are looking for other participants.

According to Vietnamese health authorities, used condoms are a “significant threat” to the health of their users.