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The greek police has started a operation in the island of lesbos for transfer a thousands of migrants that camp in the Street towards a new field of urgency after the Moria camp fire.

Early in the morning, the police began passing tent by tent, waking up the immigrants, to take them to the field built after the fire of a week ago. In the midst of the silence, interrupted by the crying of some children, the migrants gathered their few belongings and disassembled the makeshift tents mounted on the street.

“A police operation is underway to take the refugees to a new camp. That should not impede medical assistance,” reported the NGO Doctors Without Borders, who was unable to return to the emergency clinic that opened after the fire.

From the Moria fire, where lived some 13,000 refugees, thousands of people settled in the parking lots of supermarkets on the shoulder of the roads. The Greek authorities and the UN have been building a new field to house refugees.

Rejection of a new field

But many refugees refuse to settle for fear of being locked up for months waiting for an eventual transfer to the Greek continent or another European country.

Only 1,200 people have settled in the emergency camp set up not far from the ruins of Moria, said the Migration Ministry. The goal of that new “temporary” field is that the refugees “can progressively and calmly leave the island to go to Athens” or “be settled elsewhere,” said the UN High Commissioner for refugees in Greece, Philippe Leclerc on Wednesday.



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