Police Captain in Oklahoma charged with DUI tried to turn off body cam through a fellow officer.

Oklahoma City Police Department Captain Arrested on DUI Charge

A body camera captured the arrest of Oklahoma City Police Department captain, James “Matt” French, during a DUI incident. During the arrest, he repeatedly requested that his fellow officer turn off his body camera to “talk.” Sergeant Chris Skinner pulled over French for swerving and driving at high speed in the early hours of Sunday morning. Body camera footage shows French with hands up outside an unmarked SUV designated by the city where he claimed to reside.

Requesting Cameras Be Turned Off While Being Questioned

When questioned about drinking, French responded by telling Skinner that he was a police department captain while whispering for him to turn off his camera before pleading multiple times later as well after admitting to having 3-4 beers while playing poker beforehand. He also asked if they could speak privately without cameras live streaming their conversation.

Sergeant Upholds Camera Policy Despite Request from Officer Under Investigation

The sergeant refused; however and continues questioning him until eventually asking him to step out of the vehicle in which he complies begrudgingly claiming disbelief throughout continued questioning interjected with requests regarding turning off all recording devices present during this interaction primary one being Sgt Skinners’ official issued body cam demonstrating its wearers commitment against corrupt activities like those Captains are removed from duty when seen engaging themselves resulting not only criminal charges but loss of credibility amongst coworkers whilst bringing shame onto entire departments worldwide.

The boss along with other bosses commended Sgt Chris Skinners actions highlighting—in agreement—taking pride reflecting excellence placed upon their team towards each instance treated equally minus bias or favoritism no matter who is involved stating disappointment expressed especially concerning how events unfolded ultimately leading someone entrenched deep within our family now needing stepped aside awaiting needed investigation process keeping both sides informed every step along way maintaining accountability above reproach regardless rank or status overall lamentable situation.

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