Police accused of killing George Floyd released after posting a million dollar bail

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Derek Chauvin will be tried in March along with three other police officers accused of complicity. Floyd’s crime in Minneapolis sparked a wave of protests across the country.

The white cop Derek Chauvin, lead defendant in the death of African-American George Floyd, which sparked a massive wave of protests against racism and police brutality in the United States, He was released Wednesday after posting a million dollar bond, according to court documents.

The 44-year-old agent will be tried in March along with three former colleagues charged with complicity in Floyd’s death, which occurred on May 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

At the end of last May, Darnella Frazier She was walking through the streets of Minneapolis (Minnesota), when she encountered a violent situation that surprised her.

Two police officers had caught a person who was reported for making forgeries, had already arrested him and had laid him down with his eyes towards the floor. To contain it, even though he no longer showed any resistance, Chauvin pressed his knee against the neck of the man, who was not trying to fight, only shouting that he was not able to breathe.

Seeing this, the woman began to record with her cell phone and that clip became one of the main evidence to uncover a dramatic case of police abuse and discrimination.

In the images you can see George Floyd begging over and over again to stop pressing against the asphalt, as he could not breathe. “Please,” the man can be heard saying. “Please, please, I can’t breathe“.

The scene became iconic during this pandemic. Chauvin with the officer Tou Thao They had no mercy with that man and were scanned on social networks. Then, this spelled the start of a revolt across the United States.

Source: agencies.



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