2021 will be a historic year for world boxing. Upon returning to the rings of Mike Tyson joins that of another legend of the ring, in this case Spanish: Poli Díaz.

The mythical ‘Colt of Vallecas’ has announced in ‘Brand’ who is training to put the gloves back on and hold an exhibition match on a date yet to be squared. “I’m going to go back up but really, well trained and with two balls. I want to go little by little, and because age does not forgive and among firefighters we are not going to step on the hose, “he jokes in his interview with the sports newspaper.

Poli Díaz He has been working for a few months with the promoter Unlimited Global Challengers, initially as an advisor and coach of young talents, after a retirement in the Canary Islands, where he has tried to get away from his years of drug addiction that sank him to the bottom of society.

Recovered, he claims to feel in top shape and wants to feel the warmth of the public again. “I have been offered to do a match like Tyson’s, and if Tyson has, Why am I not going to do it? What happens, that the Americans are going to be more than us? We are also Spanish and we must also give the ball the ball. Cojones, but with head and train and be strong. I’m not going for four dollars. I’m going to get a title or whatever, “he promises.

In addition to thanking the public for the support, and remembering that for him his glory years were like “live the Rocky movie for real”He is clear about who he would want to have faced in his good days.

“It would be with Pacquiao. That, at 2 o’clock in the night in summer, in the Plaza de Las Ventas. That I have thought. If he had caught me at my age … He who goes forward, I who also go forward … There would have been a clash between titans, “he says.