Pole vaulter Koppelaar may miss Playing after positive corona test

Rutger Koppelaar, a pole vaulter, may be forced to withdraw from the Olympic Games. Before departing for Tokyo, the Dutchman was tested positive for corona virus.

Koppelaar, 28 years old, posted on Instagram that she was infected with COVID-19 a week before the Games started. To travel to Tokyo, I need to pass five negative PCR test in succession. It can take up eight weeks to be tested negative so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen.

“Rules are rules but I am devastated by this. I don’t know how to fix this pathetic situation. I did my best not to get in trouble with the Coronavirus. But it wasn’t enough. I will be staying home and making the most of the remaining season. We will see you in Paris in 2024.

Ad Roskam, technical director at the Athletics Union, believes Koppelaar’s reaction was “a little too premature”. After all the setbacks, he was able to get through it for a while. Rutger can still travel if he tests negative for the disease at the end. Roskam stated to the Dutch newspaper that he will not give up on this opportunity. US.

Koppelaar was negatively covered in 2019

Koppelaar can travel to Japan only if allowed. He will then be able to participate in the Games for his first time. In the autumn of 2019, the Dutchman was still on the news after being expelled by the Athletics Union from the World Cup in Doha. At a Nike sponsorship event, he hadn’t worn clothing from Asics (the sponsor of the Dutch team).

The 44-strong Dutch athletics team, which includes Koppelaar for the Games, is made up of 44 athletes. The seeded Pieter Braun, who was a seed, decided not to participate in the largest sporting event in the globe last week because he didn’t feel strong enough and was afraid of injury.

Tokyo will host the Olympic Athletics Tournament from July 30th to August 8th.



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