Students between the ages of 7 and 9 will switch to online education, a measure already in place for older people. Mall stores will be closed, except for grocery stores, pharmacies and other services. Hotels can only accommodate business travelers. Cinemas, theaters and art galleries are closing. The new restrictions will be in effect until November 29, he said

If these measures do not work, “in a week or ten days we will have a national quarantine, which will be very severe,” Prime Minister Morawiecki warned.

Poland, a country of about 38 million people, has reported 24,692 new cases of COVID-19 and 373 deaths in the last 24 hours.

According to the press, the Polish medical system is approaching the limit. The government has already closed bars and restaurants and urged the elderly to stay in homes.

Poland has been marked for almost two weeks by anti-government protests following a Constitutional Court decision restricting the right to abortion, which is very limited anyway. While the Conservative-led Law and Justice (PiS) government says the protests will further increase the number of infections, protesters say the executive is trying to blame them for its own failure to manage the epidemic.