Poland celebrates the first presidencies of the EU in times of pandemic

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The rallies were scheduled for the 10th of May, but the opposition called for the boycott given that the measures against Covid-19 made it impossible for a campaign

A partisan of President Duda has a campaign in Warsaw.REUTERS

  • HUH.Bruselas came to Poland: “The virus could not kill democracy”

  • Poland.Donald Tusk calls for the boycott of presidential elections

Poland celebrates presidential elections this Sunday with the prospect of a second fight between the current president, the ultra conservativeAndrzej Duda, and the Alcalde de Warsaw,Rafal TrzaskowskiWhile the liberal opposition to the Ley y Justica (PiS) party has given rise to hopes of breaking the hegemony that Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s formation has in the three powers of the State.

The last sondees ventured to Duda and 41% of votes and 26% to Trzaskowski. In a second round,the first obtains 48.6% and according to 47.5%.

The prospects were very different in May, due to the fact that the set of boycotts opposes the country subject to restrictions by the coronavirus. Duda also insured the mayor in the first round. Of the 11 candidates in liza, the second best positioned was the liberalMalgorzata Kidawa-Blonska, with 3.5%. The opposition has changed between both candidates. He was replenished to Kidawa-Blonska by the Warsaw warship. For PiS, who try to avoid this change, Trzaskowski would be a threat.In the past, municipal elections take the capital.

“If you can see that President Duda is nervous. I counted on his triumph. I thought he had it in his hands. The circumstances are different now,” he says.Wojciech Przybylski, chief editor of ‘Visegrad Insight’.

Votacin presencial y por correo

Duda’s surroundings with the PiS have converted with Trzaskowski as a contributor to a double-edged weapon. The alcalde has been able to convert the successes of the management of the government into the pandemic, which Dudley attributes himself to, in black shadows.

Trzaskowski is young, has studied in Oxford and Pars and speaks five languages, among them espaol. From 2009 to 2013, Minister of Administration and Digitalizacin during the second legislature ofDonald Tuskand vice-minister of Exteriors. The LGTBI collective has adopted it as a candidate, in the midst of a polarized bell around its right.

La votacintake place in person and by postto minimize the risk of a Covid-19 regrowth, which may delay the scrutiny and announcement of results.

The vote on whether to carry out strict security measures. The responsibility for carrying out measures against the pandemic lies with the head of each electoral committee, according to the record of the Minister of Health,Lukasz Szumowski, in a radio intervention that urges citizens to take precautions.

Little impact of coronavirus

With only 33,395 confirmed cases and 1,429 died, according to data provided by the government, Poland has been affected by Covid-19 in comparison with other European countries, andthe first of the EU to celebrate a presidential rally in times of pandemic. Duda’s term ended in August.

As a result of the duel by the State Office, these electives go down in history as one of the handicapped women of Polish democracy. They were scheduled for the 10th of May, but the opposition called for a boycott as the measures against Covid-19 made it impossible for a bell. The PiS then impelled a vote enacted by correction, which was also contested.

The last hour between the PiS and its coalition partner will allow you to unlock the situation.If the vote is closed, the Supreme Court will declare the elections simply invalid. A month and a half, the Parliament spokesman,Elzbieta Witek, I announced that the elections will be celebrated on the 28th of June. The PiS haba ceded. La Cmara Baja, where the gubernamental formation has the mayor, appreciates the electoral laws presented by the opposition. The voting system will be mixed and the responsibility of the organization of the offices will be in the hands of the Board of Directors and in the Office of Correos as the Government wishes.

“The PiS has polarized so much with these selections that we are facing a referendum to the Government”, says the politicianAntoni Dudek.



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