Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalnyin recovery from poisoning is progressing. Navalnyi talks about it in connection with a picture he posted on his Instagram account.

Pictured is an opposition politician walking down the stairs. So far, only one shot of Navalny has been seen after poisoning, where he is lying in a hospital bed.

– Now I’m the guy whose feet are shaking his boarding stairs, Navalnyi granted in the caption.

Navalnyi describes his healing as a “clear but long path”. For example, he says that using the phone is still difficult for him.

However, progress has already been made.

– Quite recently I didn’t recognize people and couldn’t speak, Navalnyi says.

In connection with his update, Navalnyi also thanks the doctors who treated him at the Charité Hospital in Berlin, who have “solved the biggest problem”, that is, improved him from a “technically living person to a socially fit person”.

The opposition leader received symptoms of poisoning on a flight from Siberia to Moscow on 20 August. According to information confirmed by German, French and Swedish laboratories, Navalnyi was poisoned with a novitoch neurotox developed by the Soviet Union. Russia has denied its involvement.