Pogba rages against The Sun – the newspaper apologizes for the article

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Paul Pogba settles with The Sun after the newspaper published an article claiming that he will join the French national team.

The Manchester United player reaches out to the English newspaper and stamps

som «Fake News».

– So The Sun has done it again. 100 percent unfounded rumors about me are spread around, about things I have neither said nor thought, Pogba begins.

The Sun’s original article claimed that Pogba should quit due to comments from French President Emmanuel Macron on “Islamist terrorism” following the terrorist attack in Paris on October 18. Pogba is himself a Muslim.

The situation in France is tense after the teacher. The killing has sparked major demonstrations in France, where thousands have taken to the streets to honor Paty.

– I am appalled, angry, shocked and frustrated that some “media” use my name to make false headlines about the current situation in France, and drag my religion and the French national team into the matter, writes Pogba, and continues:

– I am against all forms of terror and violence. My religion is about peace, love and respect. Unfortunately, there are some journalists who do not act responsibly when they make the news. They abuse the freedom of the press when they do not verify that what they write is true or not, and make rumors without caring about how it affects people and my life, the Manchester United star writes further and asks the newspaper to be ashamed.

The Sun has since apologized. They also write that they have changed the original article.

– We wrote an article that Paul Pogba had decided to join the national team after the story was published on another page. The case was also published by The Mirror, Mail Online and other websites. Paul Pogba denied the allegations and we have since updated our article. We apologize if we have offended anyone, says The Sun’s spokesperson.

Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola also attacks The Sun.

– It is shocking how the press can act so irresponsibly, he writes.


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