Rosanna Kulju says GRL GANG podcast in a recent episode of Confidence and Self-Confidence. He wants to honestly answer questions from his listeners about self-confidence and self-esteem.

For example, one of Rosanta’s listeners has asked if a well-known face is experiencing the effect of beauty operations on self-esteem.

Kulju says that he has ended up doing various beauty operations, because they have become possible, for example, due to different cooperation patterns.

– I don’t think I would otherwise have applied for injections if they had not been so easily available. I don’t want to talk about these so terribly. Every time they become someone with a negative headline in the media, Kulju sums up their silence on the subject.

However, he wants to talk about the subject in his podcast to be honest with his listeners and followers.

– Yes, I do a little street lip filling, because it’s really an endless swamp. When you go to fill them, they can become scar tissue and that means you have to go to fix them. Some fillers have been completely useless, Kulju states in his podcast.

She advises her listeners to think twice before going for beauty surgeries. She also reminds that it is important that none of the listeners go to beauty surgeries to please others.

– It is really important to remember that there are risks in those treatments. And you have to be really careful with them, Kulju says.

She says that she applied for beauty surgeries after the Miss Helsinki coronation. Kulju says in his podcast that self-esteem suffered from malicious messages. He also believes he is now more confident and courageous because he had to go through such a difficult journey.

– People openly criticized my appearance. That’s when I had a hard time, Kulju says in his podcast.

You can also listen to the podcast from here.