Wellness coach and someperson Martina Aitolehti tells openly in the podcast how he has not been in contact with his father.

– I have never seen (him) and I have nothing to do with it, Aitolehti says.

– I am for the first time perhaps only now begun to think about that, what would I say if I would meet him now that if I had anything to say. In a way, when there is a completely unknown person, he continues.

Aitolehti says that he discussed his father’s absence with friends, among others.

– I have friends who have the same situation and a few of them are such that they feel like they have missed an awful lot of something except, but I don’t have one. Yes, I have received all the love from my mother. He has fulfilled it nicely, Aitolehti says.

For Aitolehti, friends, sports and pets are a particularly important part of life in addition to family. He believes he has filled a certain kind of vacuum with other beloved things in his life when he has not had a father.

– I think that in a way they have also filled that vacuum in a way, if you could say that, he says.

Source: Aki Linnanahde Talk Show