Wellness coach and someperson Martina Aitolehti went public just over 15 years ago when it was revealed that he had a relationship with a football player Alexei Eremenko with the younger one. In a recent podcast, Aitolehti recalls times when publicity became a part of his life.

– I really had a relationship with this Hermitage, and it was a very secret relationship. I remember that I had gone from the back door of the Hilton Katajanokka hotel not to be seen, Aitolehti recalls.

– I was transported by car so that no one can see me. It was kind of normal, it was part of the job, he continues.

Fatal call

One day, Aitolehti received a phone call saying that he and Eremenko had been photographed despite the precautions. According to Aitolehti, the allegation was later revealed to be a lie, but he came to confirm the allegation.

– I was there quietly on the phone. I wonder what I need to do. I was completely panicked, that is, completely panicked. Then I admitted it, Aitolehti says.

Today, Aitolehti would have acted differently.

– That’s where it started, Aitolehti refers to how he went public.

Aitolehti emphasizes that he was not in a relationship with the footballer because he would use him as a springboard to the public, but there were genuine feelings in the background.

– I had never thought or planned that hey, now I’m dating Eremenko, that I’m going to go public. I never thought of one like that. Yes, I really fell in love with him. I thought more of me becoming a futar girlfriend than a celebrity, Aitolehti notes.

Source: Aki Linnanahde Talk Show