Businessman from Turku Jethro Rostedt tells in a podcast about his fortune, which he has amassed by working as a salesman. Aki Linnanahde asks the man directly how much money he has, and Jethro, known as ready, does not hesitate, but answers immediately.

– I have a few hundred apartments, so when you start to lower the average price, that’s where it starts, Rostedt tells Linnanahti openly.

Jethro says he owns homes both personally and through businesses.

– Let’s just say that I have it briskly, Jethro refers to his financial situation.

In the podcast, Jethro openly talks about the financially meager starting points his family drifted into during the recession of the 1990s. Eventually, he struggled enthusiastically into the trade. After this, money played an important role in his life.

– Actually, when that hellish chastisement got into the trade, I didn’t think of anything but money for the first 7-8 years. I wasn’t interested in anything else, but I went all the time but after the fyrka, Jethro says.

When Jethro gained amassed wealth, he, in his own words, stopped chasing money altogether.

– Fyrka no longer plays any role in my life, he states.

Source: Aki Linnanahde Talk Show