Top model Ashley Graham, 32, poses naked in a fresh, bathroom-grabbed in the mirror selfie. The beauty, who got her firstborn son in January, posted the picture on Instagram on Sunday and has already received over 1.3 million likes.

– Naked big girl, Graham wrote her picture in the cover text.

The honest image has received tremendously positive feedback. However, one commentator criticized Graham for using the term “big girl” for himself.

– I regret seeing this as a big girl. I only see a beautiful, naturally curvy woman in all her glory. Super sexy and feminine, one fan wrote.

Graham replied to his fan:

– I understand what you mean. But if you look at the “big” as a positive or loving concept, you see it like I do. I love my big, strong, beautiful body, Graham wrote.

Graham has openly shown his body followers changes in his body during the waiting period as well after birth. Among other things, he has published a recent videoin which she presents her pregnancy scar.

Fans have commented on the mundane realistic content created by Graham to their delight.

– I love this so much that I could cry. Real women have shapes, pregnancy scars, cesarean scars, etc. Thank you for helping to remove the stigma, one fan wrote.

– I love you so much. You’ve always helped me boost my self-esteem, the other glowed.

Graham has also published picturewhere she is lying with a newborn baby next to her oitis after childbirth. In the picture, he thanks the nursing staff who helped the child into the world.

Earlier this month, Graham talked about his baby everyday life on Red Table Talk. He said he has woken up in the mornings in hysteria to look for his child, who, however, has always slept safely in his own bed. The mother’s nocturnal anxious awakenings have occurred several times.

The doctor who visited the program said such anxious awakenings are a common ailment for new mothers. According to the doctor, in many new mothers, the cortisol hormone causes an over-excited state even at night, where the mother seems to be constantly ready to protect her baby.

Source: People