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In times of coronavirus nothing is written. The plastic screen was mandatory and the debate was attended by an uninvited star

In times of uncertainty, the most normal thing is that an uninvited star, in this case a fly, ends up landing on the head of the vice president of the United States and she remains all black on Mike Pence’s snow-white hair, so long – about two minutes – enough to get headlines and your own Twitter account. “Everyone is jealous because I have the best seat tonight in the debate,” he tweeted @MikePenceFly. It was the climax of a night of debate between the candidates for vice presidents of the United States for the elections on November 3 that, incidentally, started late. That data should already have given a clue that control over what happens every day in the world is an entelechy in 2020.

In times of pandemic, with the president of the United States infected by covid-19, but assuring that he feels better than ever and that the disease has been a blessing, the organizers of the debate in Salt Lake City were not about to swell. the number of sick within the ranks of power. In the nation the dead already exceed 210,000 and the infected seven million. Around the White House, there are 34 people sick with coronavirus, including the president and his wife, Melania.

With health security in mind, for the first time in history, like so many other things since covid-19 arrived to establish “the new normal”, the scene of the debate was modified and appropriate methacrylate -or plexiglass screens were installed – that protected the flank of the candidates like a security glass does in a bank to avoid an assault. The safety distance was doubled. The audience on the set that the University of Utah became was kept to a minimum. The use of masks was mandatory. As happened last week with Donald Trump and Jode Biden, there was no handshake.

It was necessary to avoid the aggression of the coronavirus, something to which the campaign of the Republican candidate, Mike Pence, initially refused. Perhaps he questioned his manhood, after all, the White House shows his chest in the face of the disease and the president takes off his mask in front of the cameras in an act of defiance against a virus that has the planet trembling with no next expiration date in the uncertainty of when there will be a vaccine and when the handshakes, hugs, life as it was known will return.

The pandemic infects everything. Little or much will be said about her during the debate – and certainly not enough was said – there she was, present in those detestable plastic screens that remind us that each act of each day, each decision, each movement is affected by the coronavirus. Television cameras showed a shot of Senator Kamala Harris with an almost ghostly reflection of Vice President Mike Pence on the Plexiglass screen.

Those same cameras showed Pence with a very white face, deficient in vitamin D, despite having enjoyed the outdoors – although there was no sun – at the ceremony held in the Rose Garden of the White House, a place that is supposed to be ground zero. coronavirus infections in the Donald Trump Administration. What the evangelical Pence had were suspicious pink eyes that the most evil tongues of Twitter attributed to acute conjunctivitis, one of the symptoms, of course, of coronavirus.

The plexiglass and its paranormal reflections stopped being interesting when the fly appeared, who kept adding followers on Twitter. Even Joe Biden decided to profit from an event so off-script and asked his followers to donate five dollars, playing with double meaning, so that “this campaign can fly.” Not a minute to lose, not a dollar to stop raising. The fly is already part of the history of debates in the race for the United States White House. And they wanted to miss it.

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