After a series of revisions of version 7.0 of the system software PlayStation 4, Sony at last He has launched the update 8.00.

Unlike the previous occasions -which really only involved general improvements-, this version of the system software brings changes to some of the functions and featuresincluding Messages, Group, parental controls, and avatars.

Before we begin to detail what is all that this new version has, we want to remind you that it is important that always have the system software of your console updatedIf you don’t, you won’t be able to use certain functions.

And it is worth reminding you that one thing is to update the system software and quite another is improve manually and in a very simple way performance from your console, something we teach you to do in the video from here below:

What does version 8.00 of PlayStation 4 bring?

To begin with, you should know that the version 8.00 has changes to the user interface, so that functions Posts Y Group now will share the same groups for chats and text messages.

This means that instead of creating different groups for each of the applications, now both will have a more direct dynamic that will facilitate communication between users.

It is an adjustment that will also have scope in PlayStation 5, because when that console reaches the market it will be possible to communicate with a group with whom you have spoken in PlayStation 4.

About the renovation of parental controls, now the options Communication with other players Y Viewing content created by other players they are under the same configuration so that parents have a more accessible and understandable access.

In that tenor, yeah a minor you want to use the communication functions or you want to see content from other users in titles to which you have access, you can ask your parents for an exception and it will be up to them if they grant it or not, with a view to greater interaction and understanding between parents and children.

About avatars, there are new games like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Journey, Bloodborne, God of War, the two deliveries of The Last of Us Y Ghost of Tsushima.

On the other hand, it is now possible silence all the microphones from the quick menu.

Also, the two-step verification It already allows the use of third-party authenticator apps and now the login can be from the same PlayStation 4, web and mobile devices.

In addition, the app PS4 remote play for iOS and Android devices, Windows and Mac is now called PS remote play and eventually the option to connect to PlayStation 5 will be added.

Not all were improvements and adhesions, as one of the aspects that they were eliminated with version 8.00 is the possibility of create or enter events created by others.

Nor can private communities be created in the Community app, although access will still be allowed to those that had already been created, so that you take it into account the next time you use this application.

Finally, we remind you that generally to update the system software it is enough to connect the console to the Internet, but there are cases in which it is only possible do it manually, and in the video We show you how to do it below: