Playing with fire: A dangerous game that he cannot resist.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has criticized former President Donald Trump for attempting to raise the consequences of indicting him. After claiming that he would be arrested on Tuesday, Trump called on his supporters to protest and “take our nation back.” This followed a report that New York law enforcement officials are preparing for a possible indictment relating to hush money payments made during his 2016 campaign. Maddow believes that Trump is trying to intimidate prosecutors considering whether or not they should indict him by creating fear of potential violence.

According to Maddow, there hasn’t been a clear view of Trump’s legal defense so far. However, she warned that he is looking to increase the civic cost associated with indicting him. By doing so, he hopes to create intimidation and pressure against those who might seek an indictment against him.

Maddow continued by saying that it appears as though Trump wants this post about being arrested or indicted as his rallying call; something through which he can paint himself as a victim while simultaneously inciting action among his followers.

She believes that ultimately, what we’re seeing from President Donald Trump right now is someone who’s playing with fire but doesn’t know how or even if it can be contained at all.

Trump’s Saturday morning diatribe was tied directly into Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.’s ongoing investigation into hush-money payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign regarding Stormy Daniels’ allegations concerning sexual relations between her and Mr.Trump in 2006.

Moreover, reports coming out suggest NYPD detectives have spoken with Michael Cohen again recently because they believe Cohen may have information related directly towards these illicit transactions surrounding then-candidate Donald J.Trump & porn star Stephanie Clifford aka ‘Stormy Daniels.’

The rant has caused some Republicans such as Mike Pence (former Vice-President)to jump up in defence whilst others like Mitt Romney continue their criticism without bothering about political repercussions – regardless if its from within their own party itself.

It seems apparent now more than ever before- after years upon years worth studying just how many people still unconditionally support ex-President Donal J.Trump no matter what happens- yet despite everything going on around them! They seem hell-bent upon supporting anything whatsoever without knowing why exactly? Is this merely due simply based off blind loyalty maybe?

However one thing remains certain amongst all this chaos: whatever happens moving forward will determine America’s future either way; good,bad,worse-off,and/or indifferent… only time shall tell indeed!

In conclusion,it appears quite evident Rachel Maddow holds concerns over both current president Joe Biden administration alongside previous commander-in-chief Donal J.Truimp respective actions too.And given today’s rapidly evolving world where news travels faster than ever before thanks largely due toward social media platforms like Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc., everyone must remain vigilant in remaining informed at least somewhat regularly themselves lest miss important details altogether leading us astray unnecessarily down paths we never intended nor wanted go down originally!

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