One of the important aspects to take into account when we are going to train is the context and environment, which means that it is not the same to practice sports in a fitness room than in the park. Deciding on one place or another will affect sports performance to a greater or lesser extent.

The current situation may push us to opt more for outdoor sports than in closed sports centers, so we must take into account the change of climate and the drop in temperatures when exercising in the street. Can the cold influence the neuro-musculoskeletal system? Eduardo Alastrué, physiotherapist (nº 1611) answers us: “yes and no”.

“What we cannot assure (and much less make a causal relationship) is that by the fact that it is more or less cold, there is more or less humidity and it makes more or less air, it increases or decreases the possibility of injury”, he points out. physiotherapist. If that relationship also exists, it would have a minimal incidence and would always be controllable.

That is, when going out to do sports on the street during these months, different climatic phenomena must be taken into account as situations to be faced being variables alien to ourselves, but never as limits. Faced with unpleasant weather situations, it will be necessary to modify the variables that can be controlled to take advantage of each training session.

When it comes to doing more aerobic sports (running, cycling …), Eduardo explains that the wind is a variable that, for example, cannot be controlled but can affect practice. “It is not the same to perform the exercise with a force that helps us or that slows us down, such as the wind for or against.” Perhaps, in this case, it is advisable to modify the intensity, the pace, the distance … all those variables that can be controlled and will help us get more out of training.

First of all, regardless of the sports practice that is going to be carried out and the climate and temperature of the moment, it is essential to focus on performing a specific warm-up and on specifying the task or training that has to be carried out that day, to perform at its best and avoid well injuries. Having said that, It is not worth using the cold or the weather as an excuse not to go running or training!

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