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Elegant or sporty, modern or classic, a luxury item or an affordable item of use: these values ​​apply to watches as much as to cars. Three of our readers who participated in the Best Cars 2021 poll can, thanks to Seiko Hungary, become the owners of a great watch from a brand that Norbis Michelisz is his ambassador!

As every fall, Drive and Car Magazine once again organize the Best Cars poll. Year after year, we ask our readers what they think about cars sold in Europe. Nearly four hundred models in eleven categories are waiting for your votes to find out which models Hungarian motorists like best.

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Main prize

The name of the Seiko watch factory, founded in 1881, is associated with numerous innovations. They made a lasting impression in a wide variety of categories, but their diving lessons made them a real legend. The SRPD25K1 embodies the best in the genre. Thanks to its automatic structure and its 41-hour running reserve, it can be worn carefree in everyday life, but the structure can also be put on by hand if necessary. Thanks to the Hardlex crystal watch glass and the locked watch strap, we know it is safe at all times, even in the depths of the sea: it is a real diving watch that is waterproof to a depth of 200 meters, and the light-emitting coating of the hands makes the time readable in complete darkness.

2nd place prize

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The Pulsar watch brand is named after the world’s first electronic digital watch. Today, the brand is owned by Seiko Corporation and embodies the golden mean between high-tech and affordability, sportiness and elegance. The 60-minute stopwatch of the PT3687X1 with its clean design, enclosed in a 10 bar pressure-resistant stainless steel case, is also suitable for measuring part-time. The watch can show the time in 12- or 24-hour increments, and with the scaled bezel we can even measure speed.

3rd place prize

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Lorus is the youngest and youngest brand in the Seiko brand family. The price level that indicates entry level is associated with the sophisticated quality typical of the larger siblings. An excellent example of this is the RT321GX9, in which a variant of the Pulsar PT3687X1’s high-precision electric clockwork works. It is characterized by chronograph functionality, timeless design, 100 meters of water resistance.



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