Plácido Domingo: “I was wrong to keep silent all this time”

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A year after the accusations of abuse against him, the tenor spoke for the first time on Spanish television.

“I was wrong to keep silent all this time. That silence has cost me dearly and has hurt me a lot”, stated Plácido Domingo, in an interview with the program The first question, of the public channel of Spanish Television. There He defended himself again and assured that he “never” abused anyone.

This is the first interview that the tenor gives on television and to a Spanish medium, just one year after the accusations against him, of alleged sexual abuse of nine women, in the late 1980s.

“I condemn abuse in any situation, place and time. The protection of the rights of women is paramount. Nor can we deny that sensitivity towards this issue has evolved over the years. But if there is respect in the interaction between people it cannot abuse exist. So they can say what they want, but I have never disrespected any woman “, he remarked.

“If I had realized I had made them uncomfortable, I would have somehow apologized at that very moment. It doesn’t go with my way of being prevaricating against anyone. Many people have been disappointed in me, and I wish I could change their mind, others They have judged me without knowing me, but those who really know me know that I am not as they have described me, “he advanced.

Domingo was also asked about the statement he published in February, in which he literally said: “I’m sorry for the pain I caused you and I accept full responsibility for my actions“.

And the artist replied: “It was not a mea culpa, although it seems that it is”, and that those words were “taken out of context”.

Too denied having paid half a million dollars to the opera artists’ union to allegedly not release details of the investigations.

“It is totally false. I had nothing to hide and I even collaborated with them 100 percent. Embittered by the situation and with great sadness, I resigned from the union on March 18 after 56 years. It was a very difficult decision.” assured.

“Thinking of a closed, empty, dark theater without music causes me great sadness. The world of music is suffering a lot. Many of my colleagues have lost their jobs, and that for young artists is very serious. I also think about the people who work inside the theaters, those who make them work. How hard everything is being, “he lamented, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

Both Domingo and his wife, Marta Ornelas, fell ill with Covid-19 at the end of March. “Thank God we are fully recovered,” he explained.

“I am very happy to have been able to return to the stage. After overcoming the virus I have recovered my physical form and, above all, my voice, something that worried me a lot, because this is a virus that affects the lungs and could have left me sequels as serious as preventing me from singing again, which is my life, “he deepened.

Regarding his medium and long-term wishes, the tenor did not hesitate to assure that he would like to sing again in Spain, that “everything” is clarified so that tomorrow he will be remembered as a man who has dedicated his entire life to art. , also because of the emotions it gave the public, but, above all, “for the person that I really am”, concluded.

Source: EFE



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