Pissed off on secret tape recording

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Melania Trump was secretly taped during a phone call in July 2018. Parts of the conversation are played publicly on the CNN show “Anderson Cooper 360”.

After a few seconds it becomes clear: Melania Trump, 50, is angry. Mighty angry. She is constantly criticized by the public – sometimes because of the politics of her husband Donald Trump, 74, sometimes because of her alleged inactivity as a first lady. “I’m working my ass off for the Christmas stuff,” she explains to her friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. “Who doesn’t give a fuck about Christmas stuff and decorations? But I have to do it, right?” With “Christmas things” the First Lady means the organization of the party for the White House, which traditionally falls within the responsibility of the President’s wife. She continues, annoyed: “Ok, so I’ll do it and say that I’m currently working on planning for Christmas. And everything she [vermutlich die US-Medien] said, ‘Oh, what about the kids that they got separated? “

Melania Trump has had enough of the media

Melania is referring to a 2018 Trump administration separation of illegally immigrated migrants and their children on the border with Mexico. This rule existed under previous President Barack Obama, 59, but it only came into effect when authorities had concerns about the children’s welfare or were unable to confirm that the adult was actually their legal guardian. “Did you say anything when Obama did that? (…) I tried to reunite the child with the mother. I had no chance. That has to go through processes and laws”, Melania talks about a concrete mother-child separation in rage. Her demand in all the hustle and bustle: “Give me a damn break!”

Shortly thereafter, her silence becomes fragile and even more excited. She can’t believe the press didn’t pick up a positive story about her. “They didn’t bring the story. They are against us because they are liberal media. If I go to FOX [dem Lieblings-TV-Sender von Donald Trump, Anmerk. d. Red.] make the story. But I don’t want to go to FOX. “

So the conversations with the first lady came to the public

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff took the tapes as part of her book published on September 2nd “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady“given to the press personally. Wolkoff, a former employee of” Vogue “magazine, has known Melania Trump for more than a decade. The two women lived in New York and were in similar social circles there. After Donald Trump left the US Wahl in November 2016 hired Melania Wolkoff as a senior advisor. In February 2018, Melania Trump terminated the working relationship due to reports that the Wolkoffs The company had charged $ 26 million for the organization surrounding Trump’s swearing-in ceremony. Melania distanced herself from her friend – the end of the once intimate relationship. “The Melania I met is a very different person than the Melania that exists today,” Wolkoff said in an interview with ABC News in August, adding that she was “sacrificed” in February 2018.

Melania says that to the tape

In a statement, Melania has condemned Trump’s chief of staff Stephanie Grisham Wolkoff for publishing the recording. “The first lady secretly recorded and an NDA on purpose [Geheimhaltungsvertrag, Anmerk. d. Red.] Breaking to publish a sensational book is a clear attempt at yourself [öffentliche] To create meaning. The timing is still suspect – as is this endless exercise of self-pity and narcissism. “

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