Piritta Hagman, 41, is currently experiencing real peak years.

The background is a divorce a couple of years ago that caused arrangements in a family of three children.

Since Piritta acquired a detached house in her hometown of Pori after the separation, the children who had already started school in Helsinki were not enthusiastic about changing their place of residence.

Now the living patterns of the family are arranged so that the children have a common permanent home in Helsinki, where the parents live alternately. In addition to this, both parents have their own homes.

– We have this weekly system working well. When the kids have two cats, two dogs and a chameleon, we found that this herd is easier to be together and we both have our own homes.

Piritta explains how to find flexibility in one direction if not another.

– When Niklasta asked to join the Dancing with the Stars program, she first called me to make sure participation was successful from my perspective. It was known that participating in the program would seem to mean that this time I would have to be flexible about schedules.

Naturally, the arrangement suited Pirita.

In melt harmony

Now Niklas has hatched the actual parquet razor, which would seem to fully enjoy the whirlpools of the dance.

– It is wonderful that dance brings her joy and positive feelings. As long as Niklas is well, so is the rest of the family.

Piritta talks about her ex-husband in a warm tone.

– Niklas will always be a part of our family, whatever the situation, even with a new relationship.

– I’ve got kids with a wonderful man. Unfortunately, life did not go as expected, Piritta says.

Piritta says that the couple did not separate in the signs of a dispute.

– We have had to deal with difficult issues. Sometimes it is necessary to separate so that both could grow. Fortunately, the process has gone ahead, he notes.

New washed as a TV presenter

At the moment, Piritta earns her main livelihood as a maternity physiotherapist, focusing on pregnancy, preparing for and recovering from childbirth. In addition, she works as a nutritionist. Pirita has receptions in both Pori and Helsinki.

The Corona Spring emptied Pirita’s booking calendars, but in a way the situation came in a good seam. At the time, Piritta had promised to shoot a reality TV show.

– I was asked The groom for the single mother as a presenter of the program. This was undeniably the perfect timing, and on the other hand a good reminder that as a self-employed person, you should never have all your eggs in the same basket.

Although Piritta at first was a little skeptical of the reality TV genre, she has only good things to say about the program.

– I would never have joined any compassionate program. What was important to me was that the program was carried out in style, with respect for women and in style.

In the program, three single mothers seek love from five men.

– It has such an old-fashioned dating vibe, he says.

– Nowadays, everything is so fast, it feels like dating only depends on the mere appearance and a few jewelry sales phrases. The newest and quietest may not even have the opportunity to show their good sides, Piritta ponders.

Piritta says that in the Single Mother Groom program, women can get to know the opposite sex in peace.

– They were all ready to seek that true love.

The main focus in children

Although Piritta is looking for grooms for single mothers in her program, in her own life the groom candidates are not in focus.

Right now, Piritta is very happy with her life situation.

– I am totally focused on myself, he says.

– It is absolutely wonderful to be selfish for a long time and focus on the things that make me feel good. I have not had any pressure on the new relationship, Piritta continues.

The most important thing for Pirita is the happiness of her and Niklas’ children.

– In general, I never understood why new people should suddenly be brought into children’s lives without asking them anything. It is always said that children adapt to situations, but I don’t think they need to adapt, Piritta says and emphasizes that she does not judge anyone else’s solutions.

– This is my way of living my adult life. I don’t think at this stage of life in a relationship you even have to live under the same roof.

Faith in love was maintained

Piritta states that if someone comes into her life now, it would have to bring a really big extra bonus before Piritta even gets interested.

Yet he still believes in passionate and life-enhancing love.

– I also believe that in marriage you can fall in love over and over again, Piritta admits.

– We did not lose love, but we got lost in each other’s difficulties and grew apart. That is why it was so tragic.

– Divorce was a great failure. We worked hard to ensure that this did not happen. On the other hand, we don’t have to mess around now, because we tried everything with the resources we had then, Piritta says.

Piritta is grateful that after the separation, family life has settled down. She admits to being happy at the moment.

– I think I’m in his prime, I am comfortable with myself and I know what I want. Right now, the main focus is on our children, as they are only small for such a short time.

– I applied for a peace inside me, and I have received.

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