Gerard Piqué has spoken openly in an interview for ‘La Vanguardia’ in his first appearance in public after the last crises that FC Barcelona has suffered: 2-8 against Bayern, Messi’s attempted escape, vote of no confidence … a long time for a leader like the central defender to have kept silent.

However, as usual, Piqué has spoken without cutting on the situation to which the board has led the club, harshly criticizing its work. Yes, all that after showing his commitment and willingness to halve salary after its recent renovation, after the controversial pay cut.

“They did it when many players were with their national teams, putting us in the same bag with all the workers. In a personal capacity, each player is free to accept the club’s proposal voluntarily. Another thing is that they force you unilaterally and that they do it with the ways in which they have done it. There, the truth, I am in total disagreement“He commented on the pay cut.

The reduction, after spending at ‘Barçagate’

Precisely with regard to this salary reduction, despite having accepted out of solidarity with the club, has charged against the directive for his management, especially recovering the controversy with ‘I3 Ventures‘, a company he hired to defame on social networks against footballers and former players of the club.

“We must preserve our figures, not discredit them. It gets on my nerves”

“I don’t want to get on badly with anyone but there have been times … The issue of social networks. I, as a Barça player, I see that my club has spent money, money that now they are asking us, to criticize, not only to external people with a historical relationship with the club, but to active players, and that is outrageous, “he explained.

Jaume Masferrer was directly responsible for the already known as ‘Barçagate’, and Piqué wanted to be blunt about him. “He is still working at the club and that is very painful“.” Gerard, I did not know, “was Bartomeu’s response to the center-back when he asked about the case. However, subsequent actions, such as Masferrer’s permanence in the club, are incomprehensible for the central.

The ‘Messi case’ and the club’s legends

Piqué was also asked about Messi’s attempted departure this past summer. “I asked Leo to hold on. I didn’t have much contact with him those days because I thought it was a very personal decision, “the central defender explained from the personal president I would have acted differently“.

“How can it be that the best player in history, who we have had the holy luck to enjoy, gets up one day and send a burofax because you feel they are not listening? Everything is too shocking, “reflects Piqué.

“Leo deserves everything. The new stadium should have his name and then the sponsor’s. We must preserve our figures, not discredit them. It makes me nervous“he added.

Precisely on the treatment of other figures in the club, he also wanted to question the work of the club. “I’m surprised that people like Pep, Puyi, Xavi or Valdés are not in the club. Something is not being done right. You must always keep these people, are part of the history of the club, they have made it great“, he opined.

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Finally, it was time to talk about the painful fall in the Champions League last season with the famous 2-8 endorsed by Bayern Munich, a defeat that for Piqué, “it does not come from one day to the next“.

We all had to do a reset to see what was best for the club. From humility, rowing and being clear that nobody is essential. There were many acquired vices that required profound changes. You have to notice that things are done differently, “he concluded.