Celta de Vigo has transferred to the controversial Pione Sisto, one of its most undisciplined players (escape included in full confinement, among many other incidents) to FC Midtjylland danes.

This Monday has been presented, but the great protagonist of the images has not been him but rather his family, who have left a very unusual scene in an event so formal and stretched, more now with sanitary limitations, like a wheel of press.

The parents of Pione Sisto have appeared in the press room painted, with spears and charms to make a tribal dance originating in South Sudan, where they are. Those present could not believe it:

Sisto’s family had to flee the war in their country when his mother was pregnant with him, which caused him to be born in Uganda. With just two months of life, Pione and his family arrived in Denmark, where they obtained refugee status and, later, nationality.

Despite living in such a different country, the Sisto have never forgotten their roots. In fact, it’s not the first time They leave an image like that, since when he was called up for the first time with the Danish U21 team they also did this dance, which serves to invoke protection and luck in great challenges or battles.