Pimpinela, La Renga, Ricardo Montaner and the Vitale – Baraj – González trio, in a weekend with a full agenda

By streaming and in person, the programming also includes Daniel Drexler, Los Nocheros, the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival and classics in Colón, among others.

Friday 27, at 9 p.m. (Face-to-face – Streaming)

After nine months without playing live, the singer and author returns to the stage to present his new album, Aire, in a two-dimensional concert, in person for the public at the Montevideo Museum room and by streaming for the whole world, with special focus on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Spain, where it was already planned to tour throughout 2020.

In the musician’s eighth album there is a sound exploration where space is the protagonist and where the four-voice arrangements stand out, accompanied by minimalist instrumentation. For his presentation, Drexler will be accompanied by his band made up of Analía Parada, Camila Ferrari and Fede Wolf.

Daniel Drexler presents “Aire” on Friday 27, at 9 pm, from the Museum Room. Tickets from $ 300, through Recitales App.

Saturday 28, at 20 (Face-to-face)

A unique band: seven a cappella singers who offer a musical show full of energy and with a lot of humor, which has earned them the distinction of “Outstanding Personalities of Culture” granted by the Legislature of Buenos Aires.

Formed in Buenos Aires in 2002 as a response to the challenge of making music without instruments, throughout its trajectory the group has developed a notable reputation for the originality of its versions of songs from various musical styles, achieving a perfect blend of voices masculine that go from countertenor to bass.

VoxPop presents its VoxPop Parking Show on Saturday 28, at 8 pm, at Autocine Al Río, Sebastián Elcano 1750. Tickets from $ 3500, through AllAccess.

Saturday 28, at 22 (Streaming)

From the Altos de Chavón amphitheater, the singer-songwriter will offer a live concert, via streaming, accompanied by his band, and with the promise that the occasion will become an intimate encounter with the idol and the songs that took him to the music podium latin.

Always present in the lives of his followers, Montaner will perform this historic concert as a closing to a year of multiple challenges and likewise, as a point of support and hope for the world.

Ricardo Montaner makes The songs that I love on Saturday the 28th, at 22. Tickets from $ 1,100, through Ticketek.

Saturday 28, at 21 (Streaming)

In a year where time seemed to pass differently, where lived experiences changed history forever, for the first time in their lives, Lucia and Joaquin they were also separated for months. They went through the quarantine communicating with the new platforms and shared experiences from a distance but together, as always.

After months without seeing each other, Lucía and Joaquín will meet again with their people, their musicians and with great friends, to share experiences and perform their new hits for the first time on stage. Treason Y Clown. In addition, they will exclusively present their new composition 2020, the year that time stood still, song that gives title to his new show. Of course, its great classics will be present, from Forget me and hit the return until To that, Brave, Brothers Y The family, among many others.

Pimpinela presents “The year that time stopped” on Saturday 28, at 9 pm Tickets from $ 1,000, by EntradaUno.com



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