Pietro Castellitto presents I Predatori: his first film as a director takes center stage at the Venice Film Festival

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Son of Sergio and Margaret Mazzantini, Pietro Castellitto he frequented the sets from a very young age, and as an actor he made his debut when he was only 13, playing a small role in Don’t move. But as an actor he did not only act in his father’s films: in 2012 he was one of the protagonists of Was a star born?, while in 2018 he played the hilarious role of Secco, Zero’s best friend, in The prophecy of the armadillo, adaptation of the comic by Zerocalcare.
Something, however, pushed Pietro Castellitto towards the direction, and to the realization of The Predators, his first work that comes from a script he wrote when he was 22 (today he is 29) and which was presented in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival 2020.
I am very curious to see and hear the reactions of the room, “said Castellitto jr. presenting his film to the press.” If it were possible I would turn the chair to see them in the face while they are watching the film, even if I would not see anything because they will all wear masks. “He does not appear particularly excited, Pietro Castellitto, indeed for him “curiosity overcomes anxiety.“Probably the fact that he often visited Venice as a child also helps him, following his father’s films, as he said, and that he was previously part of the jury of the Golden Lion.
On his passage behind the camera, Catellitto explained that “you never really get it when the time is right to throw yourself into directing. At most, you assume you understand it. I understood that I no longer wanted to be an actor and that’s it, that the acting profession makes sense if you really create characters, otherwise it’s just a way to raise money, and this choice of mine gave me the mental freedom I needed. to imagine myself as a director. If only for lack of choices, because I wouldn’t have known what other job to do. “
The Predators is an unusual comedy, a film that pushes hard on grotesque and surreal tones, and which tells the story of the meeting and clash between two apparently incompatible families: the Pavone and the Vismaras, the former bourgeois and intellectual, the latter proletarian and fascist. To act as a trait d’union between these two poles that, otherwise, would never have met is the character played by the same new director, Federico, the son of the Pavone.

I never had the intent to tell a glimpse of Italy,” has explained Castellitto, “but of course the opposition between families was intentional. I haven’t documented much to tell that right-wing family.” continued Catellitto, who the bourgeois world knows him from direct experience. “I saw some photos my cousin took for a reportage for L’Espresso. But I must also say that in this film their political affiliation is only a consequence of a social condition, and I needed it to underline the comparison with the bourgeois family I still wanted to give humanity to popular characters, who are the people I grew up with, the family on my father’s side, like my grandmother Ines. “
The Predators of Castellitto’s film are the people who overwhelm others, and “I have met some predators in my life,” said the director. “We also need to remember that the humiliations you undergo in life help you become who you are, and that if you don’t meet predators you don’t even develop irony, which is an indispensable gift in cinema as in life. “
“We are all predators and prey, depending on the moment,” he commented Manuela Mandracchia, one of the actresses in the film, “because relationships between people are difficult, they pretend, families are a complicated institution where we are happy but also hurt. The tone of this film is exasperated and surreal, but in the end it is about human nature.”

With Weather in Mandracchia e Castellitto, in the cast of The Predators There are also Massimo Popolizio, Giorgio Montanini, Dario Cassini, Anita Caprioli, Vinicio Marchioni, Giulia Petrini and many others. “Actors who made the film more beautiful than the script,” said Castellitto. “Actors because I chose based on only one criterion: that they were the right ones for the role, and had the electricity necessary for the story. It was important, also to support all the extreme situations they have to stage. “
In the meantime, Castellitto prepares to play the role of Francesco Totti in a six-episode TV series that will air on Sky and stream on NOW TV in 2021. But even in this case, Pietro Castellitto he does not feel anxious about being judged by the many fans of the former Roma captain: “I am not afraid of the opinion of the fans, that of so many people. I am more afraid of the judgment of just one. And I have the hope of making him happy, that one. “



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