Pierre Gasly became an honorary member of the Milan auto club

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Pierre Gasly became an honorary member of the Milan Automobile Club – this is how the Italians thanked the French driver for his recent victory in Monza.

Pierre Gasly: “I am very happy to win the race in Monza, since childhood I dreamed of such a success – since then, when I watched the performances of Michael Schumacher. It’s incredible to win a victory while driving an AlphaTauri on a track 20 km from my house! This victory will forever remain in my heart. I want to do even better and win the race again. I hope to earn as many points as possible this season and fight for the title in the future. “

Geronimo la Russa: “The victory of Pierre Gasly in the Italian Grand Prix in the car of the Italian team AlphaTauri filled our hearts with joy. We are happy to host real racers in our city who can evoke vivid emotions. We decided to give Pierre our honorary club member card to thank him for the joy he gave to all the fans by winning the Italian Grand Prix. We hope that membership in the club will strengthen its ties with Italy and Lombardy. “



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