Pierre Gasly about the first victory and the president’s call …

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After the victory in Monza, Pierre Gasly spoke about his emotions and the call from the President of France …

Question: We know that after the victory, President Macron called you, what did he say? Who else congratulated you?
Pierre Gasly: Yes, it was the most unexpected and best phone call in the last 24 hours. He congratulated me, said that he and the whole country are proud of my achievement. We had to wait 24 years to hear the French anthem on the Formula 1 podium again. The president’s words moved me and made me understand what I had achieved. I was happy.

I have not yet had time to sort out all the congratulations on my phone – there was a lot of stuff after the race. But I received congratulations from people from whom I did not expect this. I was congratulated by the footballers – Neymar, Mbappe, Dani Alves, Rabiot and Griezmann, as well as basketball, tennis and cyclists. It’s fantastic. I still can’t believe it.

Q: You are one of the new generation of riders, along with Max Verstappen, Lance Stroll, Charles Leclair, Lando Norris and George Russell. In the future, are you looking forward to equally exciting fights with each other?
Pierre Gasly: I’m pretty sure it will. We went in karting together, then we came to Formula 1 in different ways, but now we are fighting again, as in the old days in karting. I think this will continue.

Q: You all seem brave and fun, how good is that for the future of Formula 1?
Pierre Gasly: I think it’s good. Many said that a surprise winner and new people on the podium are good for Formula 1. Fans love it when the race turns out to be unpredictable. I hope there will be more of these races in the future.

Q: We know you played Call of Duty with Leclair and Hamilton. Who has won?
Pierre Gasly: Together. Usually we try to beat each other, but this time we needed to win together. I like it. I know Lewis and Charles well. I met Lewis two years ago, and during the epidemic, when there were no races, the game allowed us to have a good time.



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