Pierre Gasly: ​​The team is growing, as are its ambitions

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At a press conference on Thursday, Pierre Gasly recalled how the joy of winning in Monza replaced the disappointment of going to Mugello …

Question Pierre, at the Grand Prix of Tuscany, you dropped out of the fight already on the first lap. In eight days you have experienced both triumph and disappointment …
Pierre Gasly: Yes, the week was not easy. The victory at Monza was emotional, as were the next few days. From the point of view of the operation of the car, everything turned out very positively – we were competitive in Spa, won the race in Monza and hoped for a successful performance in Mugello, but on the first lap there was an incident that brought us down to earth. This happens in our sport.

After an amazing victory in Monza, the race in Mugello turned out to be too short for me, I was very upset to miss the chance for another good result. But Daniel did a great job, earning points for the team.

Q: In Mugello, you were fast in training, but in qualifying you suddenly lost speed. Did you have time to figure out the reasons?
Pierre Gasly: There are several reasons. Some aerodynamic innovations were damaged, I was not able to use the hybrid system optimally – the energy ran out before the lap ended. Because of this, I lost a couple of tenths, and in conditions of a tight fight in the middle of the peloton, this automatically throws you from eighth to sixteenth place. To fight for a good result, you need to act flawlessly in everything. The results in the middle group of teams are very solid.

Question Red Bull Racing said that AlphaTauri has ceased to be a junior team, becoming a sister. AlphaTauri has the resources to fight for podiums and wins in 2022, when will the regulations change?
Pierre Gasly: I think that the team will be able to consistently fight in the top ten. The team is growing, as are its ambitions, but do not underestimate the experience that the best teams have gained in recent years, the investments they have made. Even with limited budgets, it will take several years for the situation to even out.

But this is not a short-term project. It is forward-looking and I have optimistic expectations. I have no doubt that the team will become stronger, but it will take time.

Yes, the regulations will change in the 2022 season, but I would be surprised if today’s leaders suddenly end up in the middle group because of this. More time is needed, but I hope that in the future we will see something similar to MotoGP, where my good friend Fabio Cuartararo is fighting for the championship as part of a private team.

Q: Do you like the idea of ​​a reversible starting field?

Pierre Gasly: Not particularly. In my opinion, it is much more important to equalize the cars in speed. If all cars fit in five or six tenths, the struggle would become much sharper.

Now we see the minimum intervals between cars in the middle group – and every Grand Prix pilots Renault, Racing Point, McLaren, Alfa Romeo and our team have a stubborn and interesting struggle.

True, we are lagging behind the three leaders very seriously, we have no chance of a podium in a normal situation. It’s hard to say if the reverse start idea will work. It might be worth a try. But I consider it a higher priority to reduce the difference between cars so that all teams are competitive.



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