Jordan Pickford has been living an ordeal in recent weeks. On October 17, the Everton goal injured Virgil Van Dijk in a fortuitous crash, the great star of his greatest rival, Liverpool, for which the Dutchman will lose practically the rest of the season.

The goalkeeper did not receive any subsequent punishment or sanction, increasing the anger of the reds fans, who are going further with Internet abuse and even death threats, as reported by the Daily Mail.

For this reason, the goalkeeper has been forced to hire a bodyguard, fearing that something will happen to him or his family. A security team that, according to some media, reaches the twenty troops.

“Jordan is shocked at the level of abuse he has received since the game. He is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure his family is safe“, reports a source close to the player consulted by the British media.

Security has advised you stay away from social media, which could reveal details about its location. In addition, the Merseyside police have opened an investigation into several threatening tweets that his teammate, Richarlison, has also received.