At least two people have died, one is missing and hundreds have been evacuated after a rare hurricane struck Thessaly, Greece, according to various foreign media sources.

Thessaly is located in central Greece. The Mediterranean Sea is to its east.

The Guardian says, citing Greek authority sources, that the dead were an elderly woman found in her flooded home as well as a 63-year-old shepherd who was washed away by the flood water. One woman has disappeared after driving into an area that the authorities had warned of flooding.

By Saturday morning, authorities had already received nearly 2,500 emergency calls. More than 600 had been evacuated.

The hurricane has cut off electricity, felled trees for you and destroyed houses.

Water has flooded the streets. Several ships have sunk.

The storm began as early as Friday when it hit the Ionian islands of Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Ithaca. The wind speed was over 30 meters per second. Water can come in places 150-250 miles over the next two days.

Residents have been urged to stay indoors and alert.

Storms in the Mediterranean have similar properties to hurricanes and typhoons. They form on cool waters and usually move from west to east as hurricanes move from east to west. Warm surface water can increase the strength of storms.

The previous hurricane hit the country in 2018. In 2017, 25 people died and hundreds were left homeless in Athens.

Storm Ianos may be the most destructive in history in Greece. It is not believed to hit the capital Athens directly.

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