The jury of this year’s edition consisted of artist Farid Fairuz (Romania), producer Patrice Nezan (France) – audiovisual specialist, produced numerous selected films at prestigious festivals, and choreographer Chrysanthi Badeka (Greece) – dancer, filmmaker, editor, videodance teacher and project manager at mAPs – migrating Artists Project in Greece.

In the international competition, where 21 short films from ten countries were selected, the prize for the best film, offered by Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim, worth 1,000 euros, was awarded to the short film “Navigation” (Canada, r. Marlene Millar, v. Sandy Silva).

“The film manages to convey a strong message about humanity, which is reflected in the way bodies, sound, camera and space are used. It is emphasized, generously, the way in which different generations evolve next to each other and the different ways of living together, during which time they find their own voice “, was the motivation of the jury.

BIDFF 2020 Jury PHOTO Ionuţ Rusu

In the same competition, the jury also gave a special mention to the film “Divided We Scroll” (UK, r. Klaas Diersmann, c. Pepa Ubera) for the powerful cinematic language and unique choreography, in tune with current social habits, which manage to build a condensed critique of the modern world.

The best Romanian film

From the seven Romanian films selected in the national competition, the title of the best Romanian film and a prize worth 500 euros offered by ADFR – Romanian Film Development Association were awarded to the film “Call of Pink” (Romania, directed by Denisa Anastasiu, Maria-Luiza Dimulescu and Cătălin Rugină). According to the jury, the film was awarded for “the mix of languages ​​and for the success of introducing the gamification process into a dance film. The short film has a fresh approach to formalism, but it is extremely attentive to techniques and has a clear story. “

PHOTO The International Dance Film Festival - BIDFF - has announced its winners. Which is the best Romanian film

The jury also offered a special mention, within the national competition, to the film “inHabited_The Attic” (Romania, r. Smaranda Gabudeanu, c. Smaranda Gabudeanu and Svitlana Pashko) which manages to create an intimate and personal world by creating links between visual, poetry and symbolic realms.

No prizes were awarded in the music competition. Instead, the jury decided to award the film “Canning Town” (UK, directed by Fabiola Santana and Will Dickie) a special prize of 500 euros offered by Tangaj Dance for the way in which “the film reflects the theme of the festival, creating a a strong atmosphere that embodies a dystopian world in which no one can find their place ”.

The festival ended on Sunday with the screening of the documentary “The Euphoria of Being”, directed by Réka Szabó (Hungary).

The sixth edition of the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival took place between September 3 and 6 in Bucharest and included outdoor screenings at the “Elvire Popesco” Cinema, the Peasant Museum and the Mercato Kultur, a sustained dance film workshop by artist Chrysanthi Badeka, a masterclass offered by Maria Tânjală (FilmChain) and two online conferences with artist and philosopher Jassem Hindi and artist pavleheidler.