“Last orders before extinguishing time!”, Headlines the Daily Mail, referring to the large number of Britons who came out over the weekend despite the risk of infection with the new coronavirus.

On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce new anti-coronavirus measures. It is being forced to aggravate the spread of the new coronavirus, which has doubled in recent weeks in several parts of England.

In addition to closing pubs, the new measures would also include fines for those who travel between areas at high risk of spread or those who break self-isolation orders.

“Increasing the incidence rate in some regions means that it is very likely that certain areas will be subject to wider restrictions. The government hopes to complete these arrangements as soon as possible. This schedule is imperative if we are to control the spread of the virus, “said Edward Lister, an adviser to the British Prime Minister.

On Thursday, the Johnson government rejected a request for a waiver of quarantine measures by a group of nearly 6,000 scientists, mostly in the United States and the United Kingdom, arguing that their arguments were based on the “unproven assumption” of protecting the most vulnerable.

The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by more than 7,000 scientists and health professionals around the world, calls for a new strategy to combat COVID-19, whereby young people can resume their normal lives and work, while the elderly or those vulnerable to the virus would have “targeted protection”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said that although the government takes into account a wide range of scientific views, as it has always done during the pandemic, it will not do so this time, as “it is not possible to rely on a unsupported assumption of evidence ”according to which we can make a division between those at low risk and others.

The United Kingdom registered 15,166 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, compared to 13,864 on Friday. In total, the United Kingdom has so far faced 590,844 cases of COVID-19, of which 42,760 are fatal.