The French radio station Info quoted by The Guardian reported that it was only two victims, a man and a woman, employees of a production company from the headquarters of the former editorial office of the satirical publication. They were attacked in front of the offices on the street. They were seriously injured, but their lives are not endangered.
According to The New York Times, a witness told the French BFM TV station that he heard a scream and went out the window and saw “a young woman with a large wound on her head and blood dripping down her face”.
There is only one attacker who was arrested by the police and taken for questioning, but the police will continue to check. The French prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into terrorism. Schools in the area have been closed.
Al Qaeda has renewed its threats against the publication, which now operates from a secret location. The director of the satirical publication Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau, one of those injured in the January attack by two terrorist brothers, said in a September 2 announcement of the republishing of satires: “We will never give up. And we will never give up. ” 8 members of the editorial team were killed then.
The initial news

The attack took place near the former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo around 11.50 local time (12.50, Romanian time), in the Richard Lenoir sector, in Paris, in the 11th arrondissement. According to the first information, four people were injured by stabbing, two being in a very serious condition. A suspect in bloody clothes was detained on the steps of the Bastille Opera shortly after the attack. A suspicious package was spotted on the spot, but it turned out to contain no explosives.

Police were initially looking for two suspected suspects, the perpetrator and an accomplice who allegedly fled by subway, writes One of them is of Indo-Pakistani origin.

A knife was found on the spot, one of the witnesses describing a machete and another a butcher knife. The prime minister in a northern Paris suburb headed to Place de Beauveau, where the interior minister opened a crisis cell.

The attack comes in the context of the trial of the accomplices of the January 2015 attack in which 12 people died. 14 people, including three fugitives, are on trial, the victims’ widows will testify on Friday afternoon. Earlier this month, Charlie Hebdo announced the republishing of satires on the Prophet Muhammad to mark the beginning of the trial.
The circumstances of the attack are unclear. Deutsche Welle Paris correspondent Lisa Louis, who spoke to a police officer, said police were on alert for possible attacks, but did not track large-scale plots but “rather lone wolves that could attack people on the street.” “.