Ozana Barabancea tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in June. Although she was an asymptomatic patient, Ozana was hospitalized at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Professor Matei Balş” in the Capital, also where the artists Andrei Ştefănescu and Marcel Pavel, her colleagues from Antena 1, received care.

During that period, there were no more places for adults, so Ozana Barabancea was hospitalized in a reserve at the children’s department, Click.ro notes.

“I did a good deed today! I donated plasma! The important thing is that being healthy can help my fellow human beings. I went to the Blood Transfusion Center in Bucharest, where I was treated like a king! My plasma matters! Blood is important! Just as God helped me, so I help myself! But from the gift is made Heaven. I left happy! Help! Donate if you are brave and healthy in body, mind and spirit! Take care of yourself and your families. Blessings to all! “, The artist wrote.

Ozana Barabancea resumed filming for the show “I know you from somewhere”, a show that will start with a new season on September 12, on Antena 1.

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