PHOTO One of the first Cybertruck specimens caught in a Tesla factory

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Based on a photo that was supposed to be taken at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, the electric vehicle manufacturer seems to be assembling at least one more prototype model of the future Cybertruck.

The details surrounding the image are few. They were distributed on Sunday by a user who did not share any other information, apart from the fact that he did not personally take the photo. But Teslarati speculates that it is a new prototype.

There have been very few details about Cybertruck since it was first revealed in November 2019, Teslarati reports. A prototype spent some time in the Petersen Automotive Museum, and Jay Leno used one while filming a scene for “Jay Leno’s Garage.” There was also a short race that Elon Musk and friends did on the streets of Los Angeles.

With this new prototype, assuming that what was revealed is real and that this was a recent image, it is possible to have more appearances or public demonstrations of the electric truck in the near future.

The production of a Cybertruck prototype would be unusual for another reason, Teslarati reports. Normally, towards the end of the fiscal quarter, Tesla focuses on producing as many vehicles as possible in order to better position the company in the eyes of shareholders. Thus, taking a break, as the end of Q3 approaches, would be an unusual change and difficult to explain.

Tesla Cybertruck, in a smaller version, could be the perfect car for European cities

Elon Musk also claims that it is “very likely” to produce a smaller version of the long-awaited Cybertruck for the European market.

The news comes after Tesla decided not to downsize Cybertruck by 3% in May, after Musk consulted with chief designer Franz von Holzhausen. It is not yet known how big a European Cybertruck will be – let alone if or when such a vehicle will take out a lot. This also depends on the European market and demand.

So far, more than 200,000 people have signed up to book a Cybertruck, according to Musk – a number that could be subject to change, but which shows a healthy demand for such a vehicle in the US.


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