“I demand the resignation of this … lady, in my capacity as a citizen contributing to the state budget! Stancu-Ţipişcă Mariana. The tone of this spokesperson is inadmissible! It’s paid for with our money! She should be fired along with the Prefect!

I hate this uncivilized, hasty, grumpy, superior tone! I hate! Madam, you are obliged to communicate clearly and civilly the decisions taken! You are obliged, because we pay you out of our own pocket! You are not allowed to slam the phone in the nose when a television station asks you to do your duty! Mrs. Tipicca, resign! Now! “, Wrote Oana Pellea.
The spokesperson of the Capital Prefecture, Mariana Stancu Ţipişcă, declared on Monday evening, October 19, that the after schools do not close, because they do not fall under the incidence of the Education Law, but are social services. she he had a telephone intervention at the Digi24 news station, where he also specified that this decision was “a correction of material error”.

At the insistence of the journalists, who asked her if this means that for the children who go to nurseries and afterschools the danger of infection is not as great, the spokesperson had a nervous reaction (“Do you leave me a little ?! Let me talk?” ”) And finally hung up.