In 2000, Loredana Groza posed in Playboy and still holds the absolute record in Romania: 143,500 copies sold. 20 years later, the soloist could repeat the figure, because she remained just as uninhibited, writes Click!

Lori posted pictures of her on her Instagram profile while pampering herself with a massage. In the images, the diva appears dressed only in underwear, the rest of the body being left visible.

Does it have or does it not have cosmetic surgery? That is the question

Loredana Groza seems to be rejuvenating day by day, and the photos she publishes on her social media accounts have provoked various reactions. If some congratulated her on the way she looked, others hurried to rebuke the diva because she had done too many cosmetic surgeries, and her face would be “unrecognizable”.

However, Loredana claims that she has no surgery.

“My care ritual is simple and practical. Because I don’t have time to waste in salons or beauty salons, as many accuse me. I have nothing against cosmetic interventions, but I have not resorted to any beauty surgery of any kind. Anyone who knows me knows that this is the case. It’s easy to blame yourself for not having money or to say that someone had surgery and that’s why it looks good. But no, no surgery and no beautician can help you, with all the money in the world, look good if you don’t take care of yourself every day. Sports, simple food, meditation… It’s my daily practice. It must be constant, to make time in the morning and in the evening for a few moments for you, to help you feel good in your skin. Not a day goes by without you taking care of yourself! Operations can wait. There are so many simple, effective and non-invasive solutions today “, said Loredana, according to

The artist recently joined the Intact trust, in the jury of the show “X Factor”, together with Delia, Ştefan Bănică Jr. and Florin Ristei.