The phrase “I’m your number one fan” has taken on new dimensions in the last two decades. If in the days of The Beatles the admirers literally pulled their hair out of their heads, and Michael Jackson’s fans fainted on the conveyor belt at concerts, in recent years celebrities have another type of idolatry: by imitation.

Money, time, surgery, total transformations. All this to get the perfect picture. For some, this is not what they were endowed with by nature, but one made in the image and likeness of their idols.

Studies by psychologists have shown that people who take these transformations to the extreme are very concerned about their physical appearance, have narcissistic tendencies, have inclinations towards various addictions and have clinical symptoms of depression or anxiety.

What is certain is that ordinary people, women and men alike, have spent huge sums of money to look like Barbie, Ken, Kim Kardashian, Superman or Britney Spears.

Find out here how much does it cost to become a faithful copy of your idol, what sacrifices does it involve besides the financial ones and see a gallery with incredible transformations of the fans.