Update 23:35

Several people were killed and injured in the attack in central Vienna. Unofficial sources say the attack killed 7 people.

“At the moment we cannot give figures, we are still in the process of evaluation,” said Daniel Melcher, a spokesman for the Vienna ambulance service, according to the ORF.

UPDATE 23:20

Three injured people were taken to hospital, according to Christoph Mierau, a health spokesman, quoted by the APA agency.

The local press reports on a hostage-taking in a shop in the center of Vienna. At this point, police surrounded the area.


UPDATE 23:10

The Vienna police announced that the means of transport do not stop in district 1, where the terrorist attack took place, and appealed to citizens not to post records on social networks, but to add them on a link where they can be analyzed by specialists.

The interior minister officially calls the incident a “terrorist attack”.

The terrorists attacked the synagogue, the Jewish Community Center and two restaurants in the center, Digi24 reports.

One of the attackers has died and the second is now wanted by police, according to a statement from the Austrian Interior Ministry.

A police officer was seriously injured and a person was killed in an exchange of fire in central Vienna.

Oskar Deutsch, president of the Jewish Community of Vienna, posted on his Twitter account that it was unclear whether the synagogue was the target of the terrorist attack, given that it was closed at the time.