Waxing is, for many, part of their routine beauty weekly. Whether for sports or aesthetic needs, to achieve a good result you have to invest a reasonable time, since the rush was never the allies of those tiny hairs that need at least a couple of strokes. While it is true that there are some more effective methods that, although they do not speed up the process, they do delay hair growth, they all require dedication and, in many cases, going to specialized centers where they do it. Of course, there are also options, such as IPLs, that can be done at home safely and comfortably with the right tools.

From facial cleansing to waxing, how to get your skin ready this summer with the help of Philips (and their sales)

The pulsed light epilators are the most common to use inside the home and, also, one of the favorites of users. So much so, that there are already several brands with a beauty line that already have several models with which to tempt those who want to get rid of hair quickly, effectively and almost painlessly. And the one from Philips, the Lumea Advanced, is among the favorites, given its performance and the success it has had among those who have already tried it.

Therefore, take advantage of pack reduced that they have activated on their website in a luck for those who were waiting for Black Friday to get one, well, for less than 300 euros, you can get this model and, as a gift, an electric facial brush. Do you want to know how to get it? Well keep reading!

This'pack' is now on sale.
This ‘pack’ is now on sale.

Why you should take advantage of this offer

  • For the benefits of the Philips Lumea Advanced. This device uses light pulses of light to prevent the appearance of body hair. In fact, after three treatments the hair has been reduced by 85%. The use of this ‘gadget’ is safe even in the most sensitive areas and has been developed together with dermatologists. In addition, it is effective with all types of hair, with the exception of white, gray and red hair, or for very dark skin. To detect them and offer the best treatment, the machine incorporates a skin tone sensor that measures the complexion throughout the session and if it detects that the tone is too dark, it stops automatically. It has a precision attachment for facial hair.
  • VisaPure facial cleanser. Clean skin is essential to achieve a glowing face and perfect makeup. Electric facial brushes help to remove stubborn dirt and achieve flawless skin. This Philips model helps us to achieve fresh and smooth skin every day with little effort. One minute is enough to get a good result. It is waterproof and is capable of cleaning the skin up to 6 times more.

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