Although those who have it curly say that they are the ones who have to fight the most with unruly morning hair, those who have it straight know, from experience, that their hair does not understand rules. While the loops, when they are disheveled, can be wild and very aesthetic (especially if it is ascribed to the method curly), the straight hair tends to become more tangled than necessary and give us that look of just woken up that most of us try to escape. The only solution? Wash your hair and reset your life circle or go through the iron to avoid the frizz and leave the house well groomed.

The most ‘instagrammed’ hair waves have a trick: this is how you can do them with the belt of a bathrobe

However, the abuse of this gesture can affect the health of our hair over time, making it more brittle and causing the ends to open much faster than usual. And is that, continuous exposure to heat, without any protection, is not suitable for the hair, neither with the tweezers nor with the dryer (if it does not include ionic technology among its benefits).

But, do not panic: there is a solution to be well groomed every morning without the need for the above solutions. Have you heard of electric toothbrushes? This gadget, similar to an iron, allows, in a single pass, to straighten hair, eliminating frizz while protecting it from roots to ends. Easy to use and ideal for everyday use, this device does not stop earning points among users who, in addition, now You can find it reduced in the catalog of the outlet Philips. Do you want to check its benefits?

This brush heats up in just 50 seconds.
This brush heats up in just 50 seconds.

Three steps to achieve a natural straightening in record time

With this gadget we can achieve smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair in just five minutes and also include it in our routine beauty it’s simple, being a brush and straightener all in one. To achieve this, just take three steps:

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    Ready to use in 50 seconds

    This device heats up in just 50 seconds and has an LED pile that indicates when it is hot.
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    Detangle … and straighten at the same time!

    The Philips Straightening Brush is designed with triple bristles that help detangle our hair while straightening it. In addition, we can achieve it in just one pass thanks to its blade shape.
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    Protected hair

    Heat is usually among the most frequent enemies of hair and, therefore, there are those who choose to eliminate the devices that provide it from their hair routine. However, this device is developed with ‘thermoprotect’ technology, which is responsible for maintaining a constant temperature throughout the brush to avoid excessive and uneven heating. In addition, it has a tourmaline ceramic coating that prevents frizz and with two temperature settings to adapt to all types of hair.

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