He virgin coconut oil help to destroy covid-19 virus so it can be useful as an antiviral against disease caused by the new coronavirus, according to the first experiments of a research developed in the Philippines that, however, has not yet been supported by any scientific publication.

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The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) studied the effects of coconut oil against covid-19 for months in the experimental phase and has already started clinical trials with 56 patients.

Philippines is the second world producer of coconut oil, with 15.3 million tons per year. It contributes 26.6% of world production. The PCHRD is a sectoral body that depends on the Government, which coordinates research activities in the country.

This study is not currently supported by any scientific publication. Can be consulted in full in this link.

“The results are very promising, since they not only show that coconut oil, by itself, can destroy the virus, but it can also be a key mechanism to upregulate the immune response against covid-19, “said Jaime Montoya, director, in a statement. of the PCHRD.

Eliminate viral load

According to research funded by the Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines, virgin coconut oil compounds decrease between 60% and 90% the viral load of covid-19, in addition to enhancing cell survival, which implies that it contributes to strengthening the response of the immune system.

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However, the PCHRD cautioned that more experiments are needed to determine whether a higher concentration of coconut oil compounds can further reduce the replication rate of the virus that causes the respiratory disease covid-19.

The Philippine Secretary of Science, Fortunato de la Peña, indicated in an interview with a local radio station that the first analysis of virgin coconut oil as a possible antiviral agent could be available for the second week of November.

Regarding the clinical trials with 56 patients at the Laguna Hospital, De la Peña clarified that good results have been achieved, but that they were patients with mild symptoms of covid-19.

For this reason, the General Hospital of the Philippines launched a parallel clinical trial this month to test the effects of using coconut oil among Covid-19 patients with a more serious condition.

The Philippines has been overtaken by Indonesia as the Southeast Asian country with the most COVID-19 infections, with 356,618 infections -39,800 are still active cases- and 6,652 deaths.