In Philadelphia, USA, hundreds of protesters took to the streets late Monday after police shot a black man holding a knife.

Police shot the man when he had approached the cops with a knife in his hand, and did not retreat or drop the knife despite police orders. A video of a case filmed by a bystander spreads on social media. The video shows how a man’s mother tries to stop her son from caring about this.

The family has questioned why the police did not use a remote crawler in the situation. According to the father of the deceased man, the man was shot ten times. The father also said the boy suffered from mental health problems and was under the influence of medication.

Police have launched an investigation into the events that led to the man’s death. The mayor of Philadelphia has taken a position on the case Jim Kenneyn according to the video filmed of the shooting reveals “difficult questions” about police action. Kenney said he understood the systematic racism experienced by the black community.

At least 90 people have been arrested during riots and looting that began late Monday. 30 police officers have been injured.

Police have cracked down on protesters with batons and riot shields. Police say resources in the area will be increased to local time on Tuesday night.

The United States has seen a wave of protests and riots after the dark-skinned George Floyd died after police kept his knee on the man’s neck. Since the incident, the Black Lives Matter movement has spread around the world, highlighting racism and police violence in the United States.

The president of the United States, who is happy for the next season Donald Trump has outlined itself to be a presidential candidate for “law and order” in his race as a Democratic candidate Joe Bidenia against. Attitudes towards racial riots are probably one of the things that will affect the looming presidential election a week from now. As Republicans demand the restoration of law and order, Democrats have highlighted the potential racism in the police.